We Are All Learners

organiseTwo absolutely superb new  ventures have loomed into view recently. The first is the rather luverly looking This is Central Station, who say:  ‘this is a space for exploring art, film and design. Come in, join the community, share and discuss.’ Which seems like a good idea. This is their Beta version.

The second is the Bridge Network Project which states poetically: “There are no magical answers, false promises, just the belief that something else is possible.” Who can argue with that on a sunny Autumn Friday?

The Bridge is part of the City Strolls Empire of Vitality which seem to spark off endlessly  fantastic projects such as the Electron Club (see photo, right) amongst many many more:

“A series of workshops in self education. Held during Document 7 at the Electron Club CCA. The event and it’s organisers have no affiliations to any political party nor political ideology. We promise not to bore people rigid nor talk in a language they do not understand. Our purpose is to educate. There are no teachers nor students at this event. We are all learners.”

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