Cop 15 Report

While the Scottish media rail on Salmond for having the temerity to try and have Scotland represented at Copenhagen, what slavish timorous mouth-pieces, a series of direct eye-witness reports fillt the vacuum of the mainstream media. Today, this from Justin Kenrick published on the H350 blog:

“The colour­ful tens of thou­sands car­ried plac­ards say­ing ‘Politi­cians only talk, Lead­ers lead’, ‘There is No Planet B’ and ‘Sys­tem Change not Cli­mate Change’. At the end an indige­nous leader from the Amer­i­cas said — to roars of agree­ment — that the real solu­tion is not the cli­mate mar­ket; the real solu­tion is sim­ply to leave the coal and oil and gas in the ground, and not to try and make a quick fix with poi­so­nous nuclear. Before, on the march, he and all the indige­nous peo­ples had been singing ‘The Cli­mate Mar­ket is a Big Lie’. The fear is that the politi­cians will nego­ti­ate a deal where the North just car­ries on with planet-wrecking busi­ness as usual, and pays some money to the politi­cians of the Global South in exchange for them say­ing they’ll pro­tect their forests to keep absorb­ing some of the CO2 — mean­while car­bon lev­els will keep on rock­et­ing, the arc­tic melt­ing, forests burn­ing and per­mafrost melt will increas­ingly release methane. The fear is that they’ll make it look like a great deal, but it could be just like the G8 meet­ing in Gle­nea­gles in 2005 when Bob Gel­dorf and the Make Poverty His­tory cam­paign got the Gov­ern­ments to promise they’d end poverty in Africa, and then things just got worse.” Read the full report here.

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