CHANGIN SCOTLAND – The Role of the Arts, Culture and Identity in Scotland

What a great lineup for Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart’s Changin’ Scotland with Tom Nairn, Alan Bissett,  Malcolm MacLean and more…


The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

The Role of the Arts, Culture and Identity in Scotland

Friday November 2nd

Welcome 8.15pm 

Gerry Hassan and Jean Urquhart 


Tom Nairn in conversation with Anthony Barnett

Scotland and England in the UK: Must we become our separate selves together? 

Tom Nairn, writer and author of ‘The Breakup of Britain’ with Anthony Barnett, first director of Charter 88 and founder of Open Democracy

Saturday November 3rd


Saturday and Sunday Welcome:

Sam Ainsley, David Harding and Sandy Moffat

Artists, curators, campaigners and facilitators.

Alan Riach Prof. of Scottish Literature, University of Glasgow.

The story of Scottish Literature and the story of teaching literature.


Janet Paisley, Writer, poet and playwright

New initiatives for the support and promotion of the Scots language.

Alan Bissett Author and playwright

Anger as a legitimate response to political and historical injustice.

Lunch 1.00-2.15pm


Malcolm MacLean, former Chief Executive Officer, Proiseact nan Ealan

Out of the Invisible: The role of the visual arts in re-imaging Gaelic Scotland.

Emma Nicholson, Director Atlas Arts, Isle of Skye

The cultural landscape of the Highlands and context-specific art practice.


Craig Richardson, Prof. of Fine Art, Northumbria University

Scottish Art since 1960 

Ewan Morrison, Novelist, filmmaker and journalist.

The role of great art and art education in social transformation?

Saturday Evening 8.30pm

Classic Films of Modern Scotland selected and introduced by Allan Hunter, Co-director, Glasgow Film Festival

Sunday November 4th


Dr. Tom Normand, School of Art History, University of St. Andrews

The past and the future of Scottish art institutions.


Doug Eadie, writer and Eddie Dick, movie producer

Wee Country – Big Screen – Wee Screen: An illustrated dialogue

For Bookings, Tickets and Accomodation: Please Phone The Ceilidh Place Reception: 01854-612103

Cite ‘Changin Scotland’

Weekend Prices: £60 for all weekend events.

Accommodation Booking available from The Ceilidh Place Reception

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2 replies

  1. It might have been helpful if this article had included some indication as to WHEREABOUTS IN THE COUNTRY THIS EVENT IS BEING HELD! I have it in my head that it’s in Ullapool, but you’d be none the wiser after reading this.

  2. Sorry, updated now, yes it’s at The Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

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