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  1. There will also be a podcast with Carolyn Leckie online tomorrow about Women For Indy.

  2. Long overdue, although independence for tory women should be limited to westminster. An independent Scotland has no desire, no need and no place for tories of either gender. Tories are considered as vermin in Scotland which is a most sensible viewpoint if one considers how cruelly they treat the poorest and the sick whilst pandering to the rich and wealthy.

  3. Not all Tories are bad, Alick Buchanan Smith being a case in point. He backed Scotland getting an Assembly during the ’79 referendum and resigned from the Tory cabinet because of their attitude to Scotland.

  4. That should be shadow cabinet of course. Maggie Thatcher relegated him to the backwoods when the Tories got in in 1979.

  5. Not sure of cynicalhighlanders gender but if its male then these comments being all male kinda makes the point. Really inspirational clip, I’d love to see other folks following their lead. Trade unionists would have their own views on how independence should be shaped, so would those in the LGBT community, and also the Asian community, pensioners, the Gaels.

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