“Scotland Writers” – a new poem by Matthew Fitt

Dougie ‘The Hitman’ McGregor steadies the baw afore pittin it in the back o the English net tae mak it 4-2 fir the Scots (Photo (c) Patrick McGuire)

Scotland Writers
1st December 2012, Glesga

Scots wha hae wi Wilson skited,
Scots wham Weir got aw excited,
Oan a pitch the froast had whited
They played for their countrie.

For the Hamilton Crescent Cup,
A team fae England had come up
Tae gie the Scotties' lugs a clup
And teach humilitie.

Tho the Scots hadna played afore,
Ye wadna ken it fae the score -
The gemme feenished twa goals tae four
And Scotland bore the gree.

The strikers skittered oan the ice,
A Wilson spot kick, Keir Hind's slice
McGregor banged the baw in twice -
A famous victorie.

Men that thocht they couldnae run
Never dreamed they'd hae such fun
At the West o Scotland Cricket Grun -
A Grand Anniversarie.

Makars, poets, booky folk,
This Scotland team is no nae joke.
It's awready cowped the English oak,
Oor auldest enemie.

Sae Germans, Swedes or Japanese,
Israelis, Poles and Portuguese,
We'll meet ye onywhere ye please
And we wull gie it laldie.

Matthew Fitt

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3 replies

  1. The crowd cam fae far n wide,
    To cheer Auld Scotia’s best, wi pride,
    But the boycott boys, they stied at hame,
    Isn’t it, a bit o a shame.

  2. So good Matthew, hope to see more…..& more

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