Patsy versus Ryan

Sometimes you’ve got to hand it to the No people. Despite getting a bad press for relentlessly flooding their media with scare stories (today we hear the price of energy will skyrocket after independence, though presumably this will be the least of our problems after we’ve been frogmarched out of Europe) … anyway where was I? Oh yeah the No campaigns relentless negativity. Well it’s not all bad news here’s Patsy, a well contented lady who seems oddly oblivious to Scotland’s military capabilities and Ryan who’s on hand with some culinary tips and who has no need to embrace any big constitutional changes. But here’s the question, who wins you over from your silly Braveheartastic notions of running your own country?

Reclining Patsy

Ryan of Sausage Rolls

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  1. Both of them meander away and it sounds like they had taken some liquid courage before their speech (Or was it the man behind the camera with the gun).

    Regardless, the startling ignorance (and examples of too stupid and too wee) in the first certainly did not persuade me and Ryan’s little speech is still as funny as it was before. Shame what he says has nothing to do with anything.

  2. Looks like your now resorting to denigrating the poeple involved rather than discuss the substantive issues – piss poor guys,piss poor.Incase you missed it the big story this week was John Swinney’s Comedy Gold in Westminster yesterday – hey that would be a story worth debating – but I guess it dosen’t fit your Gnat Agenda. C’est La vie as they say in Europe.

    • The use of the word “scoundrel” by an unelected official against an elected one in a democracy is comedy! I went to look on the better together website and found videos such as the above, and others. I went to look to find out what were the arguments, to educate myself. I am not educated by the better together website. I would like to see a vision from Better together, what do you want Scotland to be? and how do we get there “together”. Then people can make an informed choice. Would be good to know how, for example, Scotland could stay in the UK but have a voice in foreign policy and foreign aid? maybe you could share your thoughts on that, or on anything substantive really, would be great to have an online discussion and there are plenty of informed BC posters who have a range of views to have a discussion with.

    • “Looks like your now resorting to denigrating the poeple involved”

      “your Gnat Agenda”

      Irony much?

  3. Pretty sad your attacking members of the public rather than debate the substantive issues.New low for you guys but guess EU’r under a bit of pressure this week #YES2UK

    • Do you mean the substantive issues surrounding pastry and meat related products and their categorisation thereof? Or Patsy’s analysis of a new direction for a demilitarised post imperial settlement?

  4. what I love about wee Ryan is he actually has a fairly sophisticated understanding of the difference between cultural identity and statehood. He says his being Scottish/British is “not going to change just by leaving Britain”. Quite right. Tell that to Darling. No wonder they pulled this video and slap takedowns on it whenever it’s re-upped!

  5. These are the kind of people decades of unionist propaganda has created, no imagination, no belief in their own country or its people, convinced we are “too wee, too poor and too stupid” to run our own affairs like any other normal nation, completely ignorant and their vote “No” will be a declaration of their ignorance.

  6. Brilliant,absolutely brilliant! If this really is the best Bitter Together can come up with it’s no contest.. It’s nice to see that DS6256 has learned some French as their grasp of English is,as they say, “piss poor”!

  7. Its not stupidity – it’s Banal unionism at work. If they believed in it, they would fight for the things that matter. A country is more than its Flag and a Flag. A country is made up by its people working together to something better than a status quo being unravelled by westminster. By 2014 there will be nothing left of the Union and thats before the vote even happens, and it won’t because of the SNP. It’ll be directly the cause of Westminster.

  8. I objected to Bella’s mocking of ordinary members of the public expressing honestly held views.You might not agree with them but they still have right to express their views.John Swinney is a professional politician so he’s fair game.

  9. Ad hominen – hilarious indeed

  10. Ad hominen – ad nauseam – you got to laugh

    • So, you begin your post on this article with a vociferous attack against ad hominem while extolling its virtues when used against John Swinney, before finishing this first response with your own.

      You then further defend this logical fallacy with rigour when used against John Swinney before lastly using it again yourself to evade responding to a question.

      Now, curiously, you are stating that laughter will overcome free will?

  11. …our “cousins” in Norway are currently Number 1 in the highest debtless/most prosperous-in-the-World countries, closely followed in 2nd place by Sweden… I personally would say THEY are doing more than OK by all accounts…….!!!!

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