The Edwin Morgan Memorial Lecture

On Tuesday 27 November 2012 the First Minister Alex Salmond delivered a lecture on the subject of housing and social justice.

The lecture took place at the Scottish National Gallery and was in memory of the late poet Edwin Morgan and marked the 2012 commitment to equalise the right of homeless people to permanent housing.

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  1. That lecture was given two weeks after Salmond’s government held trade talks with Israel, as Humza Yousaf details here –
    For Salmond to spout then about the right of homeless people to permanent housing, given the plight of the Palestinian people, is despicable but worse is the fawning of Salmond by BC, given what you have been told about his complicity with Israeli war crimes, vehemently denied possible by you. So, now what? The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign deserves an apology for the way we were attacked for pointing this out at the time but fuck that. What’s needed is for you to kick up shit with Salmond, the Scottish Government and the SNP about this, naw?

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