Independent Renaissances?


Independent Renaissances? Narratives for radical Human Ecology in Scotland

The Centre for Human Ecology (CHE) is calling for scholars who would like to explore Scottish issues rooted in radical human ecology in the run-up to the independence referendum in September 2014, to contribute to its occasional paper series.

The CHE, which celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, has reinvented itself several times, starting as a think tank in Edinburgh University, and delivering an MSc in Human Ecology for many years – last through Strathclyde University. Throughout the years, the CHE has developed a unique take on human ecology as a transdisciplinary school of thought informed by the Scottish generalist tradition and Geddes’ educational model involving head, heart and hand. Since 2011, the CHE is re-establishing itself as an organisation firmly rooted in community activism, while building on its academic expertise.

In the run-up to the independence referendum, the internet has exploded with a surge of creativity and imagination by bloggers and micro-bloggers. Our paper series aims to harness some of this energy in form of scholarly input. They could be responses to the White Paper, reframing existing research on issues related to human ecology, such as bioregionalism, inequalities, responses to the global crises, visions for a new ecological economy, migration and social justice, environmental and climate justice, political ecology, and many more.

“Independent Renaissances?” focuses specifically on Scotland, but invites also global, comparative outlooks. Ideally, these papers will focus on practical solutions for complex ‘wicked’ problems, but not exclude more theoretical discussions.

The CHE operates a peer review process through its academic board, while allowing for breathing space for academic work based on real-life engagement. Accepted papers will be made freely accessible for a wide audience and hosted on the CHE’s website. We’d be delighted to get a wide range of responses.

Please email expressions of interest in form of 300 word abstracts to by the 15th of December 2013.


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