A Dragging Anchor

ontheimportanceoflanguageOne of the great outcomes of the indy referendum experience has been the outpouring of non-text new media (we’re thinking of these dudes here and here and here).

But top amongst them is Michael Greenwell’s Indy Podcast.

We used to feature them religiously and I have absolutely no idea why we stopped doing this.

We shared the image (right) with Mr Greenwell and it’s stuck. It makes sense.

Anyway, here is episode 43 with Lesley Riddoch who talks to the same issue Bella is obsessed about – namely what is the nature of democracy?

How do we really shift power? How do we download real democracy to a more local level?

She also raises crucial questions about Yes organising and Yes strategy and a unique idea about print media (!).

Required listening. Plaudits to Michael for this great platform.

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