Tommy Sheridan on the Certainty of No

Tommy Sheridan on social brutality, inequality, austerity Britain and how independence can reverse that trend …

“85 individuals have a collective wealth greater than 3.5 billion people …”

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  1. Reblogged this on bmdphotography and commented:
    No matter what your views are about Tommy Sheridan, the man makes a compelling case for an Independent Scotland.

  2. Good to hear Tommy back as his best, blasting the rich and privileged for the austerity regime Britain is now being crushed by. Tommy is one of the most genuine hearted politicians Scotland has ever had – ‘the heart’s ay, the part ay, That’s either richy or wrang’ – no matter what the tabloid media have tried to do and say to damage his reputation. Sometimes he needs to back-peddle with the passionate rant and show how cool, considerate, and brilliant he can be, to show he thinks carefully. Too often he is painted as a ranting lefty – but my God, amid the neo-liberal consensus of supine pathetic dumb Labour sheepheids Tommy is a shining light of the true passion that used to emanate from real Labour Socialists who set up and led the once great labour party. Labour are now simply the Tartan Tories, the apologists for austerity in Scotland. Here’s tae ye Tommy auld mate.

  3. We all have our vices ( petty or otherwise)- & God knows Tommy is far from a bad man- & for those reasons no one can question Tommy Sheridan’s commitment to fighting social injustice, his passionate cry for those in poverty or his heartfelt sincerity: the man is still an inspiration for many.

  4. Why inbdulge this charlatan? He trashed the Scottish Socialist Party by caring more about acting the martyr in the courts than he did for socialism, or the ‘comrades’ who tried to save him from his own ego and he thanked by branding as liars. He once seemed admirable; now not worth being associated with


  1. Tommy Sheridan on the Certainty of No - Speymouth

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