Not Certain But Likely

scotlandbadgeAnd we’re back. So we just popped out for a minute and all hell breaks loose…We missed Menzies clear and insightful contribution (“In Scotland we have kept our own legal system, our church and even the right of our football team“, David Torrance getting assaulted on the day that Better Together attempted to (re) launch their ‘Cyber Nats’ schtick.

I missed both Eddie’s journey North. I even missed Lord Robertson’s cataclysmic intervention.

Eddie Izzard’s gig seemed to have been a non-event (correct me if I’m wrong) and Ed Davey’s energy speech (comprehensively demolished here) seemed to be still from the old failed ‘spook em up’ story book. To which the only thing to add is that the nuclear versus renewables policy divergence which lies at the heart of the Union’s panic is going to play a largely ignored part of independence negotiations.


Partly because Sellafield is just one of many British nuclear plants about to throw up a vast eye-wateringly expensive decontamination bill – it currently stands at around £70 billion.   This makes it almost as important as Trident financially, if not symbolically.

Renewables doesn’t just give you clean energy forever, it also gives you energy independence.

This is important. Ask Ukraine.

But we are back just in time for this scoop from Severin Carrell tonight that is going to send shivers up and down the No campaign.

Independence is “now likely, but not certain” according to Edinburgh’s international diplomatic corps.

Bring it on, as someone once said, in a very different country long ago.

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  1. Nice to have you back, no more holidays until September 19th please.

  2. Bring it on, as someone once said, in a very different country long ago. I guess a rather few of them are wishing they did, then.

  3. Fit like loon , hope you had a good break, nae mair skivin now !

  4. Reblogged this on Bampots Utd.

  5. I,m 1000 percent up for it, time to rock them.


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