The Man Who Fell to Earth

all-back-to-bowie-s_2014DAVIDBO_AENLooking across the next few months there’s a few standout events (and a few top secret ones) coming up. The Edinburgh Festival is an obvious space where we can talk to the world about the referendum.

So it’s great news that David Greig, Peter Arnott and others have come together to create Back To Bowie’s  a live mix of chat, poetry, polemic, music, audience interaction, interview and comedy.

It all stems from Dave’s invite ‘Stay with us’, which everyone took as an invite to come and party in New York.

So they’ve creating a Yes Yurt in St Andrews Square, to be the focal point of creative political and cultural energy. There’s lots of other Yes events and programming that haven’t announced yet, but this sounds great.

Playwright David Greig explains:

The independence debate means this festival’s going to be the most exciting for years. It’ll be buzzing with ideas, passion and people from all over the world. Something’s happening right now in Scotland, it’s political and it’s cultural, and this is a chance for people from the rest of the world to catch up, find out more and contribute. All Back to Bowie’s will endeavour to capture some of this fizz every lunchtime, down in The Yes Yurt at the heart of the mayhem, in St Andrew’s Square.  Back To Bowies is going to be the lunchtime hangout for indy addicts, enthusiastic undecideds, the constitutionally curious and the polymorphously politically perverse . Guests, music, poetry, polemic, discussion and a daily round up of the blogs and papers every day.

As the No campaign is increasingly Under Pressure with Lord Robertson and friends competing to be the most bizarre scary monsters (and super creeps), Let’s Dance. *
* Shoe-horned Bowie puns essential

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  1. Great! Maybe the Indy Choir could sing at the Yes Yurt…

  2. YES… and we can be Heroes – just for one day. Whaddya say?


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