Oil and Food

Over the past 30 years Scotland has produced more oil than Dubai and Abu Dhabi combined.

Seems we struck oil and got foodbanks?


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  1. Everything about this foul socio-economic model we follow fills me with disgust.
    I hope that post March 2016, we will be in a position to throw it from Scotland (for starters) into the Atlantic, from where it drifted to our shores in the first place.

  2. It’s expanding here in Oz too and it’s disgusting. Soon Australia will be the biggest real estate company in the world. Scotland take back your rights and show the world some decency.

  3. Does anyone know the figure for the combined total of oil produced in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and the equivalent Scottish one ?

  4. Ask yourself what it will be like when the oil runs out. Will the union be better or worse for the scots.

    • And so, eventually the oil ran out. The union had long expired and all the greedy ones had laft, but at least we who remained to build the new nation had managed to save a wee bit and secure ourselves a future.

  5. In a world dominated by Geo-politics, human beings do not count: they are labour to be explopited or minds to manipulate and control through propaganda. The American Corporate Oligarchs rule the world and nations are there to exploit. Low wage economies are the rage. The IMF used to control the Third World through debt management and leverage of politics and placemen; now they do that with the Western World. Where the winds of Freedom and Democracy blow comes the vultures of greed through debt control. Witness Ukraine’s turmoil. 5 Billion dollars investment to topple an elected government: 50 dollars a day to neo-Nazi thugs. To gain control of the gas pipeline to Europe? to make Ukraine a failed state? Scotland MUST get its Independence to control as much as possible its own destiny before the likes of Hague (the new pocket Churchill) boasts us into a new Nato led war. Herman Side-Mooth (aka Lord George Robertson) is an embarrassment to SCotland: a knee-buckled paid slave to the International Money men who think they rule the world. We really ought to teach Geo-Politics at primary school and how bullies try to take over the world and its resources. Laying waste to the Middle East suits America and Saudi Arabia. Wrecking countries is now a dark liberal art. Sadly the biggest sponsor of terrorism on the planet is the USA and their Military Industrial Complex. So expect lots more starving people living off handouts. The war between the 1% and the majority is still being waged and we are being whipped..

  6. The 1% one generally talks about are the ones who work with a common interest in goal with a focused approach. The 99% has no focus, no common platform hence it is a unmatched tussle.

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