Getting ready for Scotland!!!

Chunky Mark, the artist taxi driver, telling it like it is!

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  1. A Car – the perfect television studio for the new online media.

    BBC & STV – broadcasting lies
    and every kind of mis-information imaginable
    every day.

    Seeking to decide not just
    what you will think
    but what you will think about.

    Seeking to control completely
    the flow of truth to the population
    by shutting it off.

    BBC & STV – soon be time to shut them down.

  2. Words of wisdom.

  3. Well said Chunky Mark.
    Passionate, inspiring with some points pitched at soprano for wonderful emphasis.
    This helps blow away some of the nonsense about being pro- independence is being anti- English.
    Many English people, from all backgrounds, are also dishillusioned and feel they are being shafted by the oligarchs and kleptocrats who control the poltics emanating from Westminster. They would like to see Scotland use this unique opportunity to try other models of governance that are more inclusive, fairer and based on social and environmental justice as well as making Scotland a good neighbour and world citizen. Its not about being divisive, its about isolating the bullying oligarchs so we can work towards a more realistic working unity.

    Its the fact that English people may point North and say “we want in on some of that action too” that makes the so called elites nervous. The thought of real democracy scares them.
    We just have to be careful that if we get a YES vote that the same old vultures dont hijack the power, but at least they will be within slapping distance.
    I hope that Mr Keiser gave you a good tip. Good luck with your exhibition in Glasgow mate and keep on ranting.

    • Yep, we need to start shouting because plenty of folk are still being fooled by the westminster lot into voting no. Mark, we need him here to give a talk/speech and for that to be televised. His daily articles are worth a watch.

  4. Just Great -Chunky Mark,

    You should move up here permanently. You would be very welcome and would be a great ambassador for the new free Scotland.

    Good luck with your exhibition – I am sure it will go down a storm.

  5. tammcgarvey

    but at least they will be within slapping distance.

    Well said and is that not the point of our struggle

  6. Good stuff Chunky Mark, but you seem to have swallowed some nonsense about Alex Salmond and his role in the Independence movement. Alex is a good guy, an important part of the solution, not part of the problem.

  7. I’d hate to be the guy in the back of his taxi – chuckle!

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