UKIP’s Racist Friends

On the eve of the Euro elections, and in the aftermath of the botched Tesco Shettleston press conference (see Every Little Helps: UKIP Scotland blunder on as they’re evicted from Shettleston Tesco), this is a must-see interview from LBC. Please share widely …

See also ‘Why Can’t UKIP Crack Scotland’?

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  1. Well that’s one presenter who will never get a job at the B.B.C

  2. This guy tries to be “Del Boy Trotter ” and fails . Debating in a pub . YEH Nigel …

    I have no sympathy with the English for giving this man time never mind votes.

    We MUST vote YES ………… and watch as rUk falls apart in a storm of racist , bigoted sh*t#

    They are on there own

  3. Reminds of a Temptations song from the 70s “Plastic Man”, worth a listen.

    • A big ‘HI THERE!’ to Pedantic Pop Pickers everywhere!

      IIIIIIII think you’ll find the Temptations’ sang ‘Rubber Band Man’… it was North London ironic mod-types The Kinks who sang ‘Plastic Man’.

      Now here’s Bachman Turner Overdrive with ‘You Ain’t Seen Nuthin’ Yet’ – just wait till UKIP can claim a pop-pop-poptastically popular mandate!

      Let’s ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

  5. I have increasingly begun to see UKIP as a form of pseudo-politics. Much in the same way one would view Erich von Daniken and his beliefs. I See Farage in the same light. He and his party use the trappings and language of a mainstream political party, but it is ultimately used to pursue a belief of cultural and racial superiority and misrepresenting facts or situations to support those beliefs. The problem is that the real mainstream has been captured by this party in an attempt to capture floating right wing votes. The Americans refer to it as “Wagging the dog”.

    Daniken however was always exposed as the crank that he is and his viewpoint remains on the extreme fringes of science. But Farage and his party have effectively been adopted by the mainstream, and it is the voice of reason that is being pushed to the edges of what is acceptable.

    The rUK has chinless wonders for politicians, who are so afraid to take a stand on anything, that they now talk exclusively in sanitised platitudes. I had a debate with someone who did not believe Independence was an answer to this malaise. Yet he was unable or express how he imagined the Union could correct this downwards spiral. Then I realised afterwards that he had spoken in platitudes.

    The union is finished regardless of the result. Anyone voting yes can see that. A good number of no voters can see it too. Many people who are voting no, seem very uncomfortable with their position. I think the rise of UKIP and the surreal image of labour trying to ape them in their beliefs will make them more uncomfortable with the union. That will be the time to try and shift them to change and vote yes.

  6. Now thats what you call an interview.

  7. I shared this interview on FB earlier this week and the response has been great. James O’Brien is almost unknown up here but has a big following in London. He has opinions and I don’t agree with him on everything, but he seems to want to be fair and in all his serious pieces he has this weird thing: He’s well prepared, and not brushed off by a glib answer. Neither is he out to flatter his own ego (Paxman) and allows the interviewee speak (are you listening John Humphries… no probably not).

    In short he’s a good journalist. Oh, for more like him…

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