Zombie Parliament – Zombie Nation

Chunky Mark delivers the Bella response to the Queen’s Speech 2014 … “addicted to opulence” …

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  1. Who paid for Lizzie’s new air-conditioned coach? Whoever it was it’s a bloody waste of money, why couldn’t she take a ‘Black Cab?

    Auld Rock

  2. ‘Chunky’ Mike…opinionated, self righteous, dictatorial and factually incoherent. Funny that I cannot recall ever voting for you so that you could become the appointed spokesperson for the entire Scottish nation. Neither do I recall appointing you as my spokesperson as in the collective ‘we’ when referring to the Government voted in by democratic means; a method of governance far more acceptable than the what is offered by your myopic vision.

  3. Strange feeling. I’ve been a republican as long as I can remember, and a socialist since I was 15 so Parliament, Black Rod and all that flummery never impressed me. Over the years my reaction has been angry, depressed, cynical, frightened, enraged, indifferent, suicidal, amused… and more I can’t recall right now. Today, however, I watched through different eyes – nostalgic almost. This is the end. We don’t need to put up with this crap any more. We have established our right to wave goodbye to all that.

    Goodbye to all that. The UK is dead. Long live the new Scotland.

  4. He just said exactly what I was thinking. God help us. I hope that Scotland has not caught the Zombie disease. We can change this disgusting state by voting YES for Independence for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. We must be free of this evil regime.
    Thank You Mark

  5. Rants like that will always lose their deposit.

  6. Aw! That’s just the politics of envy. Justified envy, when the income that the Queen, the city boys and the bankers get makes a mockery of the rewards for an honest day’s toil.

  7. by god stop shouting ya numpty. what’s the point in impersonating a black cab style diatribe? ranting full of anger and bile. whether or not some of what he say is true, i’ll be flabbergasted if anyone can sit through that. I’ve just subscribed to bella and this is my second link i get through…..not impressed at all bella, not at all

  8. The last state opening of the ukanian parliament? The Queen has been around long enough not to see the reality behind the ruritanian flimflam; an imperial house of cards set to tumble, at long last.

  9. As a former Royal Marine Commando I swore oath to the Queen..sadly seeing food-banks in my village in Scotland… sadly its just far to much … enough Long live the “NEW SCOTLAND”

    • Your oath was false Ronnie. You swore an oath to Elizabeth II but you must know she’s Elizabeth I of Scotland and Great Britain.

      You allied yourself to an imposter.

  10. Ah yes…food banks….nothing better for providing the socialists with a good reason to say it’s all ‘their’ fault and somehow it will all be erased by the Nationalists un-costed promises of the ‘NEW SCOTLAND’ consisting of free milk and honey for all. There are needy people out there no doubt and they need help, but sadly there are a significant amount taking advantage of free food and charity. We reap the society we sow…people living the life of riley on easy credit but when it all goes wrong blame the bankers. Oh yes the “B’s” definitely hold a big part of the blame but the socialists are happy as pigs in the proverbial as it suits them to extend the ideology of collective defensive reasoning. For an example of the difference between the honest, decent but sadly struggling working class and the others best described as freeloaders, you only have to look underneath the blanket of many so called ‘beggars’, a large number who have been found to be living quite comfortably on the proceeds of street generosity and state help thank you. Lastly, before you have a rant at me, I have not had the honour of serving as a Royal Marine Commando but have been both homeless and disabled so know suffering in that sense.


  1. Old Wisdom Is Better Than Pointless Tradition | Michael Greenwell

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