Alan Smart talks to Bellavision

Veteran Labour activist turned singer-songwriter Alan Smart talked to Bellavision at a wet Yes in the Park event about his journey to Yes …

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  1. “Look at who’s supporting YES…and look at who’s supporting NO”
    That sums it up for me and also covers “who do you trust”

    Rounded off with “check the facts”. A small country with huge assets.

    Time for a fairer society which will never be achieved under Westminster control.

  2. This is an excellent piece yet again thanks to Bella, but YES supporters need to get realistic for to be 10% behind in the polls at this stage of the campaign is a mountain to climb when you have the Westminster controlled BBC and newspaper media mouthpieces pulling out all the stops to try to destroy the case for an independent Scotland.

    If what happened at the EU elections and by-elections are anything to go by then YES needs to be at least 10% ahead in the polls just now to have any realistic chance of scraping home with a win.

    To stand any chance of winning it is imperative that YES shifts to the offensive now by attacking the UK’s greatest weakness which is the absolutely horrendous state of the UK’s economy with public debt standing at £1.37 TRILLION (£1,370,000,000,000) , that no amount of “austerity measures” is going to get rid of – see…/…

    If Scots think they are going to be economically safer staying with the UK then they are going to be in for an absolutely massive shock after the dust has settled on a NO vote and the real cost of not voting YES is revealed by Westminster.

  3. Does Westminster include Scotland?my email to daily politics show today11/6/14;Hi,On P.M.Q.,s M.P.,s kept referring to the North-east and the Northwest,never heard Plockton nor Dingwall mentioned once why not and they are in the N-E. and N-W.of the United Kingdom? this is the UK parliament government.Surely Newcastle ,Sunderland are more in the Midlands of the UNITED KINGDOM,Scotland not count again?and you all wonder at our displeasure over the UK! just another we pebble of annoyance.

    • In England, the NE and the North, refers to Newcastle, Cumbria, Northumberland and parts of Yorkshire even. Scotland is only on the politicians radar when they talk of oil, and other resources that they pillage from Scotland. They do not see Scotland as a country, but as an appendage.


  1. Alan Smart talks to Bellavision - Speymouth

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