Jeane Freeman and Isobel Lindsay

Two great talks from two leaders of the indy movement and driving forces behind Women for Independence.

Jean Freeman on her journey to Yes from being Jack McConnell’s advisor to a committed believer in independence…

Isobel Lindsay on the inter-relationship between national identity and social equality…

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  1. Makes you proud to be a woman and a Scottish one at that. I can’t wait for more on this forum. Yes please.

  2. There’s more like these – we’ve got 9 talks released so far and another 9 to come. Follow us on twitter for updates.

  3. Scots women at their best

    GO on ladies . get the message out. We’re told women hold the key to this referendum and thats reassuring . Women hold the purse strings. They know better than anyone how things are,

    great video more please.


  1. Jeane Freeman and Isobel Lindsay - Speymouth
  2. Composting the Decomposing Labour Rose: a Kristevian-Existentialist Analysis. | the rose of all the world (is not for me)

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