All roads lead to Glasgow this weekend… Yestival, Festival of Common Weal, Scotland on the Cusp

Yestival in Glasgow

Yestival in Glasgow


Scotland on the Cusp



A Festival of the Common Weal



Elsewhere in Glasgow this weekend the Orange Order don fancy dress to celebrate all things 17th century, warmly embraced by NO campaigners like Labour MP Michael MacMahon…

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 14.39.23


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  1. eh i don’t think you would like to hear what they really think about you michael ha ha even i could not repeat what will be said about you

  2. Is marching in uniform whilst carrying political messages not illegal during election / referendum periods?

  3. The positive will win, over the negative. Vote YES.

  4. A Catholic who has a good relationship with the knuckle-draggers in the Orange Order? Either he’s completely stupid or he thinks we’re stupid enough to believe his lies. Poor old Glasgow, having to put up with all that crap (and the AOH are no better). I’m just glad we don’t have that Orange/Green hatred in England (apart from Liverpool).

  5. Aye, as my auld faither (who was a member of neither ludge) and some of my uncles, who were either in the Masons or the Orange Lodge) all used to insist: “Home Rule Means Rome Rule”.

    Times are changing, but, for the better, without Independence.

    • When they called you Socrates, pal, they must have been having a laugh.

      It would be unfair to say that Michael McMahon is completely stupid but he cannot be the sharpest tool in the box if, as a Catholic, he has a “good relationship” with a movement that utterly despises what he represents.

  6. Regards the Orange Order marching in paramilitary uniform whilst carrying political banners. If I witnessed it (there is little chance of it up North), I would be taking photos and be straight down the local Police Station to report the crime to a Senior Officer. Why is no-one doing this? There really is no place in a forward thinking Country for this kind of bigotry and posturing.

  7. Apparently free speech allows the right to publically denegrate minorities in Central Scotland.Its because the establishment cover it up as a bit of banter and flag waiving.Lamont and co will not condemn them because they need even the knuckle draggers to keep their colleagues on the gravy train.I wonder if that professor thinks the people in the Orange Marches are more intelligent than the people who read and right these posts.Just a thought professor!

  8. just found this video – watch the No banner from about 11 mins
    Bathgate 28/6/2014

  9. That’s a clear breach of the law.They are part of the official no campaign so should not be displaying political banners.Will they be investigated?


  1. All roads lead to Glasgow this weekend… Yestival, Festival of Common Weal, Scotland on the Cusp - Speymouth

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