Guardian journalist, John Harris, speaking at Yestival

Its refreshing to hear from a journalist who comes to Scotland, listens carefully to what is being said, then reports back to London media with a candid open-minded honesty.  The fact this hasn’t happened very much is partially responsible for the ignorance and disinformation so prevalent in England.

John Harris was in Scotland this week and in an article in today’s Guardian reflects on how the referendum has seen the regeneration of radical politics here, especially in comparison with other parts of the UK.

In the video above he speaks about his experience at the Edinburgh leg of Yestival.  The footage was filmed and edited by Summerhall TV.  Summerhall TV filmed much of Yestival and below is a short interview with Ross Aitchison about the 4 day stopover at Summerhall.


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  1. I do rather wonder at his naive conviction that after a No vote all the Westminster parties have committed themselves to delivering further devolution.

    People keep repeating that, and it simply isn’t true.

    • After 1979, and all the broken promises since then, I don’t believe we’ll be offered a bent farthing if we vote No. More powers means endless discussion at Westminster, both in the Commons and the Lords, English newspapers deriding the whole idea, pressure being put on MPs by a populace who have believed the lies told to them about subsidies to the Scots.

      And the talk, if there is any, will drag on until it’s conveniently ditched and they move onto the next wheeze of seeing how they can ensure so much valuable parliamentary time is never again wasted on that area somewhere to the north.

      This is our opportunity. We take it — or forever regret it.

  2. I have spent a lot of time looking at polling results other than for the YES/NO question. From the point of view of those outside Scotland the results were showing that those polled thought Scotland would be better off, financially, by leaving, but that if Scotland DIDNT leave there should be no extra powers, no reward but that less should go to Scotland. My feeling is that rUK wishes us well but would resent us being bribed into staying. Of course opinions are coloured by traditional views that we are ‘propped up’ pushed by politicians but gradually opinion seems to have shifted slightly now that there is such focus on us. In the event of a NO vote I’m sure this wouldn’t last.

  3. It’s good to see and read of someone from England viewing the broader perspective. A Yes vote for Scotland could galvanise those parts of England, who suffer under Westminster, into action for a more equitable government.
    The above said more for Scottish Independence than this week’s lamentable Question Time.

  4. What a trusting and doubtless sincere young man!
    Probably far too young and too distanced from previous Unionist promises to treat them with the disdain they deserve. Very far removed from anything that I read in my occasional encounters with the Guardian and the quite appalling abuse directed at the First Minister and the YES campaign in their readers’ comments where they appear frequently even more right wing than the Telegraph readers who append their comments to Cocky’s column.

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