Work Begins Again

And so back to the desk after over a week offline disconnected from phone or wifi, cables or telecommunications, cut off from the world, or rather immersed in it. I have doused my head in the waters of the Atlantic, sang to the Selkies, sampled the fine dining of Cal Mac and received a welcome shot of Vitamin D from the large yellow thing in the sky that made a rare appearance.

The blog seems intact, almost thriving without me (!). The place is a midden of course with Neu Reekie posters everywhere and there seems to have been some kind of party while I was gone. No, really – a big thanks to Kevin for holding the fort and I think there will be more guest editor stints in the future.

Now there’s a massive backlog of material going live today and all this week with exciting new initiatives including the launch of our new gaelic blog; an update on the Songs for Scotland concert and album project and news on the iPoster competition.

Categories: Commentary

5 replies

  1. Welcome back. You probably should just get the cleaners in… 😉

  2. Welcome back, brace yourself for the avalanche of shite about to appear in the next few weeks

  3. 14th July does also happen to Bastille Day
    May be the resurrection of the ‘Old Alliance’?

  4. Glad you enjoyed your break, Mike.
    Place has been in good hands but waiting to see what gems come along now you’re back. 🙂

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