Dateline Exclusive

This breaking news just in from Dateline, from their studios in Lanararkshire …

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  1. Very, very funny and close to the BBC bone.

  2. Blessed are those who take the piss!

  3. Brilliant.

  4. ha ha very good stick it on at 6.00 and i bet no one would notice the difference i hope some nob at the BBC has a look and it strikes a chord with them oh look fionia a new bbc programme and they didn’t tell us about it my jings who would believe it angus i will write to the sunday post about that

  5. Er… strictly speaking, um… it wasn’t actually anything to do with us. Sorry for the confusion.

    BTW, this is the first ever BBC apology. And perhaps the last.

  6. Game, set and match AND a hole in one.

  7. What – no Johann Lamont jokes ?

    Excellent piece of journalism 🙂

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