Brian Cox in Edinburgh – Scotland’s Path To Re-Enlightenment

Brian Cox
Iconic Scottish actor, Rector of Dundee University and Yes campaigner, Brian Cox, sets out his vision as to why the concept of Scottish independence has come of age. As Scotland gets ready to take its place on the world stage, Brian shares his thoughts on why we will re-emerge as a nation of ideas, intellectuals and innovation restoring our place as country of enlightenment.
Brian Cox will be speaking at Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 12.20-1.20pm tomorrow (Sun 10th Aug).  For event details and for tickets click here
For 2 For 1 tickets use the code VOTYES. The code can be used online at or verbally at Assembly Rooms box offices or on box office phone number 0844 693 3008

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3 replies

  1. Enlightenment, I prefer “…after a pause of 307 years we continue on our way”

    The first principle of achievement is mental attitude. People begin to achieve when they begin to believe.

  2. Hope someone is planning on filming this so we can all see it? #GoMrCox

  3. Thanks Brian, it was a grand presentation. Yer daein nae bad fir a wee Mikie’s lad:-) proud oh yeh.

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