How to achieve women’s equality in an independent Scotland

Stewart Bremner

Stewart Bremner

A new report outlines how to achieve women’s equality in an independent Scotland

A new report released today by a leading feminist academic arguing that independence can be an opportunity to achieve women’s financial and economic autonomy, and social and political independence.

The report, ‘Women of Independent Mind’, is written by Dr Angela O’Hagan, who works as a research fellow at Glasgow Caledonian University and is convenor of the Scottish Women’s Budget Group. It is supported by the campaign group Women for Independence and is being published by the Common Weal.

Women, as 52% of the population, will play a pivotal role in the outcome of the referendum, with a higher proportion of women than men still undecided. The report makes a series of economic and political proposals for how Women’s equality could be advanced in the context of a Yes vote.

It will be released as part of the #AllYes grassroots daily Press Conferences, at CCA on Sauchiehall Street at 11am.

Speakers at the press conference who will be available for questions and comment include Angela O’Hagan, the author of the report, Kate Caskie, Women for Independence, Cat Boyd, Radical Independence Campaign and author of a new book ‘Scottish Independence: a feminist response’, and Miriam Brett, Generation Yes.

The CCA Cinema allows space for broadcasting and WIFI is available.

For more info email Mike at

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