Russell Brand backs Independence

Russell Brand – @rustyrockets – on independence for us all…

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  1. Thanx Russell, however I don’t really care for celebrity endorsements, it’s the people here that really matter. Still once again thank you.

  2. Russell Brand is one of the few celebrities who cares and has genuine concern for those who have nothing.
    He knows his politics and how it affects us much more than David Bowie, Mick Jagger or Simon Cowell who really don’t give a sh**.

  3. Russell Brand’s opinion is very welcome to this debate. The value of a person’s comments in this debate has nothing to do with the persons celebrity. Just as people from anywhere are free to comment on our debate. It’s the content of the comment’s that count. Good on you Russell. As far as I’m concerned you’ve come to the correct conclusion via a reasoned argument.

  4. Any more endorsement of Brand and I’m voting No.

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