The Woman Who Actually Made Up Her Mind

Bella writer Vonny Moyes responds to the BT advert …

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  1. Now that really should be shown on the TV!

  2. Tapadh leat Vonny. ‘S e sin an rud a tha a’ còrdadh rium mun iomairt slàn seo (agus an làrach-lìn seo cuideachd) – cia mheud turas a chuala sinn guth boireannach mar seo a’ bruidhinn sna meadhanan? Tha cothroman a’ fàs. Sgoinneil!
    Thanks Vonny. That’s what I love about this whole movement (and this website) – how often have we heard a woman’s voice like this given coverage in the media? Spaces are opening up. Brilliant!

  3. Of all the responses to the #patronisingBTwoman, this is the best: makes me be glad for having enemies, as they spur us to speak out, be creative, stand up and be counted!

  4. Well said. Your courage to stand up and speak out for what you believe is what we need in a free Scotland. Its going to be a great journey.

  5. Nice one Vonny.
    BT No thanks have made a huge mistake in patronising 51% of the electorate.
    There have been some great responses – this is one of the best.

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