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  1. I think if Alex Salmond had made chicken noises at Alistair Darling in the debate it would have kicked off. I have a vision of Darling throwing off his jacket and Johann Lamont rushing on stage to hold him back, with Salmond shouting “mon then eyebrows!”

  2. “Have a debate every World Cup year and the year England win it – we get independence”.

    Sorry, Kevin, I’m nearer 70 than 60, I canny wait that long.

  3. Kevin never mind the advice get out there and knock a few doors and tell them,start at Bute House.Would be nice for some folk to open the door to yourself and be convinced to vote YES.

  4. The best comedy is true.

  5. Protect the Union don’t listen to this tw**t who has no other right to comment on this simply than because he is a “comedian” voteno!

    • Mate, I think you’ll find if you look at what he’s saying he’s actually taking the mick out of the whole thing, people voting on this have no care or knowledge regarding politics and the potential serious economic issues Scotland could encounter, and a lot of the yes campaign is based on, ‘Don’t listen to the scare stories’ to make out if you vote NO you are somehow backward thinking. Fact is like Kevin Bridges says, half the voters will be idiots who know heehaw about what will happen under independence and think this is about Scotland v.s England, rather than Scotland leaving the UNITED KINGDOM! Seen a few of his sketches on Independence and at no point does he say he supports it or it would be a good thing, in fact it could affect his career as Independence will create a serious divide between Scotland and the rest of the UK and a lot of hostility. I find it quite sad Salmond talks about Unity when he’s trying to rip Scotland out of the UK based on projections that can’t be quantified. Why else would you want the voting age changed only for this vote? So you can pander to those who don;t fully understand the bollocks you talk. Vote NO, life will not be better if independence happens and in fact I think it will get a lots worse!

  6. If the union is so good how come it needs protection?

  7. The United Kingdom is finished……simples

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