Another Scotland is Possible (Mixcloud)

This audio mix from the legendary Barrastinian … with Björk, Cat Boyd, Rage Against the Machine, N-Trance, Bob Marley and Nicola Sturgeon (vocals)

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  1. Great Stuff!

  2. and another… so many want to sing!!!

    A Song for Victory!

    Let’s sing for Scotland and Dignity
    Sing of redemption and sovereignty
    We’ll sing for YES, that’s Scotland’s song
    Our children’s future, come sing along
    A song for victory
    But yet there’s more
    We’ll sing for justice the world oe’r

    For the women of Govan and in Soweto
    For the auld, the sick, the youth in the ghetto
    For awe who feel Westminster’s lash
    Who want to save our land from greed and trash
    Let’s sing of freedom and oor people’s pride
    Of independence… can you feel the tide?
    A new day is coming, the dawn is at hand
    Let’s join the victory for our native land

    To all who fight for peace, to right the wrong
    Who stand for justice: who sing the peoples’ song
    For the angry who feel frustration
    Lift your heads, sing of liberation
    And those that labour, come sing our song
    And those still in doubt come sing along
    For in yer inner hearts yi ken Westminster’s wrong!!
    For a people’s victory… sing YES
    That’s Scotland’s song

    Thom Cross 2014

  3. That was great!

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