Noam Chomsky on Scottish Independence : Statehood and Power

A Bella exclusive, with thanks to  Stuart Platt, from MIT Boston:



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  1. Re: Chomsky video – video OK, but no audio.

  2. Sorry for the bother… my fault – speakers unplugged – cat!

  3. On his return from interviewing Chomsky – Stu also filmed myself (Gordon Asher) and Leigh French talking about the questions and Chomsky’s responses to them. Any thoughts, questions, critiques, contributions to critial dialogues etc. most welcome
    The link to the film of that discussion is here –

  4. Why on earth did you mute the questions? Subtitles sure, but muting them just makes the interview seem really stilted.

  5. The beauty of Chomsky is that he cuts through the dominant narratives of our times with such ease. An encyclopedic memory of political history, highlighting the deceptions to which our society is constantly exposed through the ruling ideology of elites and their servants. At 86, he’s still telling it as it is.

    I like that he once again brings up the example of Spain in 1936, as a reminder of what can be achieved when people work together with a common purpose. Orwell documented it in ‘Homage to Catalonia’…a book that should be read by everyone interested in radical social change. Chomsky rightfully points out that Scottish independence is a chance for progressive change but the work would only just be starting after independence. If a movement can bring about such a dramatic swing in public opinion despite an all-encompassing campaign of fear from the establishment and their propaganda outlets, then the possibilities of radical change are endless if a movement for real democracy continues apace, without any complacency creeping in. The sky’s the limit and why not aim for the best possible world? As an internationalist first and an Irishman second, I’m very excited about the opportunities this will bring for progression in our isles and even throughout Europe. Let Scotland be an inspiration for that better world!

  6. Very disappointed. I mean, the UK as a nation state? I’d thought Chomsky would be more on top of the issues.


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