Say Yes Posters for Everyone


These magnificent posters designed by Ciaran Murphy are being distributed for free throughout the country. We need your help to be part of the distribution network.

Today we are sending out and delivering posters to Yes Shops in Dundee, Skye, Aberdeen, Montrose, Inverness, Elgin, Orkney, Oban and Edinburgh. They are already in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy, Burntisland, tomorrow we go to Glasgow. So if you’re near any of these places they should have plenty.

Individual packs of ten have completely SOLD OUT.

See all the Yes Hubs here.

If you’d like to support our postage and printing costs you can make a donation via our support us page.



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11 replies

  1. ordered some, but not sure you would have my address? just beed one or two posters…
    thanks Hetty

  2. Just ordered a couple of Tubes of 10. Will spread them around as widely as possible and keep a couple for posterity. A wonderful, lively, bright image. Well Done.

  3. The ones i had before were snapped up in an instant by my students. Hope the Dundee Yes shop still has some.

  4. Brilliant work Ciaran, you’ve really captured the self-belief and optimism that the Yes movement is all about.

    Order duly placed.

  5. No posters in Glasgow Yes office. We need them!

  6. Stunning Ciaran and thanks BC. What a lovely surprise that posters are on their way. Skye shop says YES!

  7. I’ve already seen two in my village, and I have no idea who put them there!

  8. I made a few A3 copies of the “Big Yes Now, Scotland” one, because I liked it so much. I’ll put two in my front window on Wednesday evening.

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