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  1. None of the London based media have a clue what is happening in Scotland as has been clear for some time but has been crystalised since the three stooges came North in their panic-mobile. It is extremely annoying. Their ignorance and arrogance helps no-one, especially their viewers, listeners and readers in the rUK.

  2. A supreme facer for the state broadcaster and HMG in front of the world press. We’ve waited years for this one and boy what a delivery.

    Needless to say that HMG are now crying foul and a pretty weak job they are doing of it. The FM had the bloody evidence in his hand. So I’m struggling to see how this could be a distraction tactic deamt up by Alex Salmond.

    They’ve been caught paddling in their own sewer.

  3. Salmond was brilliant.

  4. For Robert the Bruce ..read Alec Salmond. Scotland salutes you.

    • I wish there was an English version of Wee Eck. Just to see him (or her) run rings around the LibLabCon cartel would be priceless. I won’t say he’s perfect, but you folks in Scotland are lucky to have someone in his position who’s doing a good job and who cares about Scotland.

      • He is called Nigel Farage, and I thought that his comments on the Today programme[1] this morning were spot on; the residents of Scotland are debating whether to leave a union where they have significant influence to [presumably/eventually] rejoin a European Union where they do not. Odd sort of independence. [1] http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04gc8p2

  5. Brilliant timing and what an arse kicking to dish out. love this vid from today http://youtu.be/DiMXuEmqAHA

  6. They ain’t even hiding it now- it’s right out in the open for all to see- akin to the Beast in the Book of Revelations, Lion like, wildly out of control, attacking everything in sight. I sincerely believe the recent “Dunkirk Mode” of the British media, in particular the BBC, emanates from the conviction they’re in a state of War to protect the Established Order- the first casualty of war is Truth & anything is permissible in war as long as the end is victory. This push for Independence has really brought into stark light the full extent of the Corporate takeover of the UK- Banks, Private Corporations, the Super-Rich coming together in a massive co-ordinated plan of attack: how bad is it when 50% of the population have to wait to a Sunday ( Sunday Herald) to access a news outlet that publishes news in a tone sympathetic to your own cause? How bad does it have to get before NO voters see things for what they are?

  7. Whether Yes or No this vote has exposed the rank perfidy & moral bankruptcy of the British Establishment & the abject disrepute of the British Media ( reduced to nothing but a discredited Right Wing propaganda machine). Even if it’s a No the Establishment will take a very long time to live this disgrace & odium down- it’s all there for everyone to see.

  8. Lets stop cow-towing to the warped logic of these bankers, financial services muppets, corporate numpties and their Westminster lackeys.
    It is their likes, by their selfish arrogance, who caused the financial meltdown leaving us all to pick up the tab. It is they who pretty much operate goings on in Westminster, it is they who see the working class and poor of the UK as a manipulatable commodity who they, by their warped means of social engineering, think they can control by squandering our resources and very lives to suit the machinations of their free markets.
    I am so proud of those of the Scottish people who refuse to accept it any longer. Have no fear of them, they cannot see beyond oil or the bottom line of a balance sheet or the quick buck. The people of Scotland have a long term vision with built in values of social and ecological justice, education for all and respect for our unique culture which some of the Westminster Nawbags say is a myth.
    I believe the poor folk from housing schemes, closes and homeless centres will wake up on the mornng of 18th of September and flock to the polling booths in their many hundreds of thousands and give these arrogant freeloaders the boot up the arse they so richly deserve. That would be a beautiful justice.
    Let John Lewis move South, we can open up branches of Jock McGraws in their place.

  9. A classic case of Salmond trying to change the subject and pass the buck.
    Is this the beginning of the blame game to ensure that Salmond keeps his job after a No vote?

  10. Alex just has that wee smile before he fixes them.Robinson is a tool of the Tories.I do hope prosecutions do take place and the BBC are taken all the way.

  11. What’s worse is that if the 6:00 o’clock news is anything to be believed it hasn’t made a blind bit of difference to either Robinson or indeed the BBC’s disgracefully biased ccverage.

  12. Friends of mine in Germany have commentated how corrupt the BBC and other media is in the UK. They wish us well and hope Scotland votes Yes

  13. And now the question of a boycott of the licence fee. A mass boycott and they cannot do anything as tens of thousands will form an unstoppable force.

  14. The Govenment have let the BBC off the hook, lying bastards.

  15. As for Asda, shopping at Lidl tomorrow! who needs them?

    • eh a friend was going to contact ASDA to find out if there is a “NO” vote their prices will be dropping as quickly as they were going to go up ha ha yeah aye right LIDL or ALDI i bet they will be glad of the business remember Ratners and what happened to them well we can do the same its the same as the vote we tell them not the other way around

  16. Reporting Scotland continue to do their best to play down any good news for Scotland. I refer to Catriona Renton’s report on the re-opening of Ferguson’s shipyard. Great news for Scottish Shipbuilding. It may not be much but it is a start. To have failed to report this news would have been too obvious an omission for even the BBC. However, anyone else bumping into the new owner, Jim McColl, today, would have wanted to ask the obvious question, “Are you not concerned, Jim, that Scotland might become independent?”. Catriona didn’t ask the question. Why not? Because she knew what the answer would be and that answer would not sit well with the BBC government propaganda machine.

  17. over to you nick nick oh how did the last demo at pacific quay go ? i missed it was it on the BBC ? i must catch it later ha ha

  18. I don’t like the way that some people imply/suggest that BBC -Scotland is anything other than truthful, unbiased and totally unselective in its news presentation. Isn’t the message “Nation shall speak truth unto nation ”
    What is the matter of you people out there “where you are?”
    Sadly, as someone about to attain the age of 75, I will be unable to withhold my TV licence fee but hey, there are compensations as I closed my RBS account two years ago, there is neither Asda nor John Lewis within miles of Oban and M&S appear to be going the same way as the Herald and the Hootsman

  19. To paraphrase the great Groucho,the BBC and all the rest of the Westminster acolytes should
    Leave our country and never darken our towels again.
    No more foreign broadcasters beaming propaganda into our living rooms.

  20. If Brian Taylor and Douglas Fraser are at a loose end after the arrival of Sophie and Nicholas from London….they can come roon tae ma hoose fur a wee dram and blether.

  21. The Anglosphere’s full court press is on. It’s all just like the Hotel California: “you can checkout anytime, but you can never leave”.

    • As Frank Drebin once said, it’s fourth and ten, and we’re facing a full-court press. The gloves are off and it’s time to play hardball.

  22. “So come all ye at hame wi freedom – Never heed whit the houdies croak for doom”
    Hamish Henderson 1960 prophesising project fear.

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