Closer Launch Invitation


Tomorrow we launch Closer 3 – it’s our magazine written by and for women on independence.

It features a spectacular pull-out poster by Rosie Balyuzi, essays by Tessa Ransford, Lesley Riddoch, Lauren Currie, Alison Johnstone and Cat Boyd, and loads more, including Vonny Moyes response to the BT Patronising Lady advert (above).

Bella believes the independence referendum is about power. That’s why we invited Caroline Criado-Perez and Margie Orford to speak in August, and that’s why we’ve published this issue of Closer. As Deborah Orr has written: “One campaign says: “Be quiet.” The other campaign says: “Speak.” Is it any wonder that Yes has gained converts, while no has not?” This is about finding voice.

Come along to the launch and get your copy – or if you are running a stall, or want to help us distribute – come and get a bundle. Or you can buy your copy online here.


Join us at 11.30 a.m. at Hemma Cafe, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh, Monday 15 September [coffee, cake and kids] 

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