The best of both worlds


by George Gunn


They come together the burghers of London

to steal our chattels so that

we can rent them back

because this to them is free of risk

& if we comply by agreeing with them

then everything will be fine

because we will have more powers

by having less


& the speed of change will be increased

by slowing down the speed of change

like King Lear they know that

nothing comes from nothing

we can call it what we like

government devolution democracy

except it’s not


its Davednick the Talking Donkey

the cud chewing & braying sophist

who believes in divine intervention

as a last resort to stop the Scots

throwing away the best of both worlds

one of which has absolutely nothing

in the other is next to nothing


& it’s riding on a donkey the burghers do delight

to the source of their greatest fear

that Scotland should be governed by the Scots

& duly prosper

despite the many years of arrogance & theft

interrupted by the occasional panic of war

when the donkey keels over & dies

somewhere South of Berwick


but what we are is what we see

which is a society preferred to a corporation

where shoes mean more than submarines

where we truly can have

the best of both worlds

democracy & justice

in Scotland in September & forever

in a future where we rise up unhindered

to meet the morning Sun


© George Gunn 2014

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