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  1. What? They mentioned Scotland twice, I’m astonished (to paraphrase a stair heed).

  2. I trust my cheque for £2.50 is in the post?

  3. Oh god this is amazing, in stitches!

  4. The one and only time I have had a scintilla of warm feeling in any way connected with Gordon Brown necessitated him presented as a mutating b-movie monster of yore, upended with talons aloft and gurgling the words ‘Gorrdon sleeeepy now’


    No I’m back to normal and praying (as an atheist) that his egregious HBOS share issue is picked up by the securities and exchange commission before he can vie for slab leadership….

  5. Greg,
    Just great – Brownosaurus is just spot on – straight out of the Jurassic.

    The previous 300 Years was a blast and it looks like you will have lots of material in the next few months.

    Looking forward to Volume 2.

  6. Brilliant, I actually have happy tears in my eyes – for now. I needed that fab interlude – great work!

  7. Brilliant but sadly true.

    Truth about Scotland’s oil and British Security State efforts to suppress Scottish nationalism

  8. Love it. Looking for more of his stuff now. Just forwarded to my old journalism class.

    Oddly enough commentators here in London thought the debate was reminiscent of good old fashioned politics with a bit of shouting and name calling – they all got excited that MPs were actually awake for once – but it was nothing of the sort. The big hitters weren’t there. However, Hague is an experienced diplomat, that’s why he was there and he shut everyone down fairly easily by confirming repeatedly that regardless of other constitutional issues everything promised would be delivered. I’m trusting he’s not lying! There will be action on Scottish powers, there has to be. Everyone is watching and waiting. It’s only been one month, let’s give them all some time. We don’t want anything rushed through in a tick box exercise. Agreeing and implementing substantive change needs cool heads all round.

    In the meantime, it’s time to join the TUC march taking place in London Glasgow and Belfast today – a pay rise for public sector workers is desperately needed.

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    Des nouveaux pouvoirs pour l’Écosse, il paraît. Promis en catastrophe avant le référendum en septembre, il apparaît qu’aucun des grands partis à Westminster n’arrive à se mettre accord sur ce qu’Édimbourg aura réellement. Heureusement, l’ancien Premier ministre Gordon Brown est revenu sur le devant de la scène pour sauver l’honneur !


  1. The House of Evel by Greg Moodie – Awakened State

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