Brit Democracy

Kate Smurthwaite ‏tweeted us to say:

“During my show at #OccupyDemocracy the police surged in and arrested a man for sleeping on a piece of plastic.”
Welcome to the bizarre world of British policing …

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5 replies

  1. Bizarre policing indeed, but then we are ruled by a bizarre elite.

  2. Just for info. I asked my MP (by email) a few days ago, what the Labour party’s position was on the apparent suppression of news by the BBC. I explained I had seen no mention of the Democracy Protest in Parliament Sq on any BBC News programmes (and indeed only minimal mention in the print media).
    He told me he’d been at Parliament and had “witnessed some persons gathering in the square opposite”.
    He added that he could “only assume there were bigger stories for the media to cover.” (Like Tesco’s profits?)
    And there was me naively thinking that the Police treating peaceful protesters like enemies of the state was a story worth telling.

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