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  1. Ha ha more dirty dealings than the Jeremy Kyle show.Labour also think they are popular in Scotland so definitely got the IQ level required for the show.

  2. Hahaha they are a joke of a party. I sincerely hope we can give them a kicking next May. I’m off to Ireland while the BBC covers Labour’s demise and Kate’s 2nd kid. But hopefully I will return to a SNP constituency.

  3. Loved Jim Murphy’s weird staring eyes. You been looking in the mirror again? Fabby cartoon, and thanks for keeping going. All of us fans appreciate your efforts.

  4. Bet Margaret boils the bunny……

    Great cartoon, Greg.

  5. Bunny King?
    At least we’ll get some good tunes.

  6. Looks like the Undertaker is offering to wear the cone next.

    Ironic that the guy sacked by Ed Miliband now wants to be his puppet – in a parliament he campaigned to keep powerless..

  7. Haha! Luv it!!

    Schadenfraude couldnt happen to a nicer set of folks- haha!!

  8. Man’s a bloomin genius, er Greg that is, not any of the ones in his cartoon (just to be clear)…

  9. I wonder if any of the candidates will be reckless enough to accept and use the support of Gordon Brown ?
    That should see their chances nosedive considerably.

  10. How Can Murphy hope to become First Minister in Scotland.He was ridiculed at the referendum campaign and the public let him know egg sactly what they thought of him!!!!!

  11. The next few months are going to be interesting. One wonders how many of these ‘lost’ Labour voters are just waiting for an excuse to return to the fold.

  12. Funny and sad!
    Labour supporters deserve better than this….in fact – we all deserve better than this!!!

    • Couldn’t help it. Laughed out loud at this from Greg, but you’re right Clootie, we expected so much more from a party whose roots run so deep in Scotland. They let us down badly and their treatment of their own electorate especially during the period of the referendum campaign was as shocking as it was appalling. What they were prepared to say and do to retain their hegemony, the people they were willing to demonise and alienate. I couldn’t believe it even as I was watching it happen.

      Happily there are plenty other parties out there who do remember that society is a bigger concept than party votes.

  13. Yes Macart. Labours roots run deeply in Scotland, but what GOOD have they ever done for Scotland? They have kept us poor and subservient!

    Great cartoon Greg!

  14. to ensure the pro-scotland parties wipe the board in the 2015 General election i hope everyone will support the scot2scot initiative using multi-media technology It will also help keep the grass root YEs campaigners on board, whether they belong to any political party or not

  15. Aye lads. Bring on the one party state!

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