Occupy Democracy open call-out of support for Radical Independence Campaign


By ‘Occupy Democracy – London’

Occupy Democracy supports the Radical Independence call for an Independent Scotland that has a just & sustainable economy, and engenders equality; a new nation with a universal welfare state, which seeks to build an ethical relationship internationally.
These aims are our objectives for the rest of the British Isles.

We want real democracy, free from the rule of the City of London and Westminster, which resolves to solve the world’s multiple crises: such as debt, inequality and climate.

There are alternatives for a future of hope in both Scotland and the rest of these isles. Another Scotland is possible: another world is possible.

Background to letter:

An open letter of support for the Radical Independence Campaign was initiated in a break-out group on Parliament Square Saturday 25th October. Following discussion in the General Assembly the letter was drafted and passed by consensus on Sunday 26th October, with over 200 people present. This was the closing General Assembly of the 9day occupation in Parliament Square calling for real democracy.

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3 replies

  1. An interesting development, though it strikes me that Occupy Democracy have much to learn from RIC, not vice versa.

    • The article says they give their support to RIC. How does that give grounds for your comment? What preceisely are you responding to / criticising?

  2. precisely

    Bella, please provide posters the possibility to edit our own comments to correct errors.

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