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  1. Nice graphic,great sentiment,is there further employment prospects for I rn Bru crates,it apears there is, is there a murphy future for Murphy( whatever can go wrong will go wrong)I certainly hope so.

  2. Murphy becoming “leader” will divide the Labour party in Scotland even further.

  3. I thought the ‘Philae’ was searching for the origins of human life – has it found Wur Jum exhibiting some tentative sign of single cell function by landing on the Spudnik rather than the comet?

  4. Excellent, Craig’s standard, kept me smiling through the campaign.

  5. Didn’t realise Murphy was such a Philae-nderer! No votes from me, Jim.

    67P? Is that the new Labour membership fee?

  6. BRILLIANT……..I laughed me woolly socks off !!!

  7. Jim Murphy is a red Tory.

  8. See you Murphy ya wee nyaff. Ah’ll take ma’ haun’ aff yer miserable face, ya wee self seekin’ con man. You’ve been outed sookin’ up expenses as well, for mair than some hard workin’ folks’ yearly wage.

  9. Brilliant, only the Scottish Labour Party facing their present existential crisis, could think of electing Murphy as a solution!

    • Please, not the “Scottish” Labour Party. They are extinct. The current encumbents are the north Branch of the BRITISH labour party. Never forget!!


  1. Fears as separatist cartoonist ‘Greg Moodie’ appointed for Road Sign Revamp – The North British Post | The North British Post

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