Aamer Anwar interview from RIC2014

We interviewed Aamer Anwar at RIC2014 and asked him about how sees the movement going forward from here …

Categories: Film and Animation


5 replies

  1. Agreed with everything said. Well, up to the first minute since the video got stuck at that time. The Labour party has played the Scottish electorate as suckers for far too long. Thankfully the people of Scotland seem to be determined not to be fooled again by Labour.

  2. But doesn’t he do a column for the Sun newspaper?

  3. Frankly, I think he should stand as an SNP candidate in next year’s UK General Election. He will be a major voice for Scotland at Westminster (or even Holyrood if he ever wanted to stand for election as an MSP for that matter).

  4. If he campaigned and stood as SNP candidate, I think he could oust Labour Anas Sarwar from Glasgow Central.

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