Angela Haggerty interview from #RIC2014

We interviewed Angela Haggerty, editor of the Common Space, Common Weal’s new media platform …

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2 replies

  1. the sooner we have Common Space up and running the better for all of us …i wish i could say the same for the coming of the National with the same enthusiasm…to me it seems to be the antithesis of all that i wish for an independent Scotland and expresses so succinctly the seductiveness of capitalism when it offers goodies at a price..the National will only exist as long as it creates a profit for the small group of its shareholders who must be feeling that they cant lose at the moment with their feet in both camps…the need for Independence exists because of the needs of All of Us…

  2. The National fills a much needed space at the moment so let’s be happy that at least one group of shareholders decided to fund it.

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