Cat Boyd interview on RIC Futures

Cat Boyd reflects on the future of RIC and the radical indy movement on the day of the biggest gathering for years at the Clyde Auditorium

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  1. Reblogged this on I'll Never Get Out of this World Alive and commented:
    This was an amazing conference.

  2. Excellent stuff. I’m sure I heard someone suggest RIC should have candidates for the 2016 elections as a new party which saddened me as it would splinter the Left. No one with a crystal ball could foresee what the political landscape will be like in 2016 precisely. Let’s see how Labour’s big ego-driven dinosaurs adapt and survive: how any of them think they can stay plugged into the Matrix-like, life-sucking-death-of-the-people that is the Right wing Neo-Liberal economics and still be our Socialist saviours is beyond me. The only way Labour in Scotland can represent the people of Scotland is discard Neo-Liberal lunacy and its social engineering and the only way it can do that is discard the London HQ madness for one simple reason: the problems of the South of England are not the problems of Scotland. Or to put it another way, Scotland’s problem is London and the South of England bleeding our people, bleeding our resources and to disguise this process, the Westminster motley crew LIE LIE LIE and patronise the Scots. The time for a divorce came and went a long time ago. Scotland has woken up and seen through the veneer called Westminster Politics. Get back to your roots Scottish Labour and put on your principles head to toe: get shot of your shallow careerists. You exist to serve the public; we dcont exist to serve your ambition and addiction to title. MP’s may think they are the modern Lairds o’ the Toon but that bubble has burst. Wake up ye so-called Labour Socialists…….

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