The Atlas of Productivity

Graham Hogg from research and design collective, Lateral North, introduces ‘Scotland : An Atlas of Productivity’. This is the first dedicated atlas of Scotland since the 19th century, mapping not only Scotland’s landscapes, towns and cities, but also aspects of its national productivity. A series of maps shows the country’s land ownership, transport links and wind speeds, amongst other aspects, and draws inspiration from Patrick Geddes’s vision of comprehensive surveying. We interviewed him about the ideas being presented at their Edinburgh Launch:

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  1. Just wanted to say I bought a copy of this Atlas before the referendum and along with the book ‘Blossom’ and the film ‘Scotland is’ , it played a major part in helping me imagine a better nation and look at Scotland with fresh eyes . A fantastic resource that I intend to share with as many folk as possible. Should be a copy in every library and school. I don’t remember being given access to this kind of information about my own country in Geography class.

  2. where can this be purchased, sold out on Jimmy Reid Foundation site?

  3. A second as it looks beautiful as well as a milestone in mapping.. So a second print please, because it’s very frustrating reading and watching this without recourse to the hardcopy. We only have your say so of the importance of this atlas 🙂 (I am so jealous of those of you with a copy)

  4. Yes, I’ve tried to buy this and failed. I am sure that some very important figures being bandied round come from this work, e.g. that 50% of the private land is owned by 432 people. And it does look gorgeous too.

    So a second print run, please Graham, of at least three copies!

  5. They said back in the summer that a more affordable 2nd edition paperback was planned… hope it does eventually appear.

  6. They said back in the summer that a more affordable 2nd edition paperback was planned… hope it does eventually appear.

  7. Why post this without information regarding buying the book or future print runs, create interest and then offer product surely? PLease let us know when this book will be available.

  8. If you email there are a few remaining for purchase. There will be another version available in the new year but it has been quite difficult to garner the funding in the lead up to the referendum and since but it is now very much in the pipework!

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