Bernadette McAliskey RIC 2014

Continuing or reporting from RIC2024 we have this talk from the inspirational Bernadette McAliskey …

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  1. Clever lady,I could listen to her for much longer.

  2. would also really like see and hear the earlier contribution from Wales.

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    here’s Bernadette Devlin that was comparing the Scottish radical independence movement with what was achieved in ireland and offering some words of advice about future pitfalls

  4. Speaking truth to power. How inspiring.

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    From the Radical Independence Conference last week.

  6. I am vexed by the language element.
    Wales has long had a focus on language. Where is it politically when compared to Scotland? Near a referendum?
    Wales has problems dealing with those who cannot speak two languages. Those who speak only English are seen by some as second class citizens. I have a Welsh friend who was reduced to tears because of the way she was treated. She moved to Scotland where she feels more ‘at home’.
    We must welcome all and not just those who speak a particular language.
    I have a soul, and a heart and a mind which will not waste time in learning a language while the important issue of creating a just society needs my commitment.

  7. John
    Funny how protective people can get over language. During my recent stay in Wales I was astounded by how some Welsh people used their language almost as a tool to exclude non speakers and at the same time slated Scots for wanting independence.
    Bernadette’s speech fairly put the cat amongst the pigeons. Much to think about as we enter the mailstrom of Westminster politics. If we win more seats there is already talk about who to form coalitions with.
    All I want is independence but as Bernadette says beware of what we lose if we give our votes to those without the savvy to further our cause

    • Re: your last para, Ann. A piece of hard won wisdom indeed from Bernadette, a woman who truly has been through the political mill, and survived.

  8. Aside from the comment about language, I think the speech gave us a bit of a lift, a bit of a wake up call and a bit of a warning. We all get very bogged down with the day to day things, we try to keep the propoganda at bay by discussion etc, but it is really like a big monster only just being kept at bay. My thoughts about Bernadettes talk are, that we are being shown a page of a book, it is nothing new. To embrace the life affirming movement, which does not accept immoral practices from the people who think they hold the power, is it seems the only way forward. The idea that only a few very rich beings are intent on ruining the planet at any cost, in fact to the detriment of all others, seems science fiction, but that seems more and more apparent as each day goes on. We have to rise above, and fight them, so that there is a future for our kids, not for the rich and morally defunct.

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