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  1. Best one yet.

    Don’t worry we’ll organise a whip round if you end up in the Tower.

  2. Greg will probably get a whip round as well anyway!

  3. The persona you have given Nicola is absolutely brilliant and her facial expressions are just to die for.
    And loved Teresa May – doing what Teresa does best.
    Gregg – you are a genius.
    But I do think your knighthood is on a shoogly peg.

  4. Oh Liz I think he will be getting more than a whippin! Separaishun of bodily parts looming!

  5. I say old chap. Steady on. What ?
    Seriously. This is a keeper.

  6. Uhhm, I don’t think martyr’s really get all those virgins!

    Still, we haven’t had a good treason trial for a long time. Bring it on, LOL.

  7. Maybe, roundly whipped. Betty looks rather devious, purrrfect (sorry). Nicola, the biker First Minister, cool.

  8. MBE frae the commoner Moodie….Mair Brilliant Entertainment

  9. Drinking American whiskey? Nicola shoulda smashed the bottle owre her heid….

  10. She really is the coolest biker chick politics. 😀

    Mr Moodie, yer a star.

  11. Did the queen nick that smile off Gordon Brown?

  12. I really liked the PURRR!

  13. Nope. Still can’t figure out the woman with the headphones.

  14. Are They Phillips headphonres?

  15. Mmm..err…Monkey? *It is sometimes hard to follow Greg’s convoluted thought processes*. Being polite there!

    • I can explain. Sometimes I ask people on twitter to tell me what’s been happening. This week @sparkle_monkey told me about the queen and insisted on a monkey in the strip in return. Well, you did ask. I like it. Will probably add it to the repertoire.

  16. As always, the images are first class.

    However, I find the text quite juvenile, falling far short of the standard of the cartoons.

  17. SUPERB!!! Arise, Sir Greg!

    Bonus points for squeezing in patronising BT lady. purrrrrrrrrr!!

  18. What’s that on Eck’s head?

  19. It’s a shower cap. For no particular reason.

  20. Like the monkey?

  21. No Greg, I’m only looking for relevance. Mind you, after a few glasses of red I can just about link shower bunnets, monkeys and Teresa May!

    I don’t get the extremist bit but it disnae matter. Mind you, it does recall ”Whaur extremes meet” -is that it?

  22. Fantastic, brilliantly done.

  23. You forgot the two bar 1950s heater!! Thought that was classic. When’s the last time we!ve seen one of those? Poor Liz.

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