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  1. Absolutely brilliant Greg. Especially the pictures in the background with the Rev & Lesley Riddoch laughing her head off. Priceless! Thank you

  2. Just spot on, Greg!

  3. Riddoch laughs as Murphy goes Pop, and Jurassic Labour….genius touches!

  4. 😀 outstanding

  5. Pretty spoonless, if you ask me.

  6. Greg I used to associate you with fictitious humour. You seem to me to have moved to amusing presentation of truths. Brilliant IMO.

  7. Ha! Greg! You’re getting funnier every week! But be honest! you are hoping we read that title as ‘The Tossers Apprentice’. Clearly, Buster Keaton and Fay Wray are going to give you lots of material.

  8. Thick cut no doubt.

  9. Yer a star. 😀

    Did I spot Rev Stu in there? 😉

  10. Bravo Greg
    love it and smile firmly in place. 🙂

  11. Deputy Dug……………………………dale

  12. Soon to be, the toasted apprentice…

  13. Totally not realistic: Deputy Dug’s hands are far too small.

  14. Ye got Croompenstein in there I see,
    me next ya rotten sod. 🙂
    only kiddin I like you really,
    but me next or, or, I’ll do something!,

  15. Truly ammasing . Well done and thank’s for giving me something to smille about!
    Merry Christmas…😈😍🎅🎅🎅

  16. Greg, you are Spiny Norman. “Dugdale!” err I mean “Dinsdale!”

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