Indyref Awards 1

Showcasing some of the nominees vying to win our #indyrefawards. We’ll be promoting each of the nominees before polls close next week. Go here to vote.

Blossom QrkBook of the Year

Blossom by Lesley Riddoch.

The author writes: “Blossom is an account of Scotland at the grassroots through the stories of people I’ve had the good fortune to know – the most stubborn, talented and resilient people on the planet. They’ve had to be. Some have transformed their parts of Scotland. Some have tried and failed. But all have something in common – they know what it takes for Scotland to blossom. We should too. Since the referendum, bystanders have become organisers, followers have become leaders, politics has become creative, women have become assertive, men have learned to facilitate not dominate. Independent action and self-reliance have helped create a ‘can-do’ approach shared by almost everyone active in Scotland today. Scotland’s biggest problems haven’t changed.But we have.

The publication was followed by an epic tour of (mostly rural) Scotland.

Best Young Activist of the Year

See Miriam Brett at the Aye Talks here:

and Stephen Paton here:

and Saffron Dickson here:

Funniest Blog

Dateline Scotland …

Biggest Campaign Disaster

Project Fear …

Best Artwork

Check out Alan Mcredie’s 100 Weeks of Scotland here


Daniel Seex designed the cover for the National Collective magazine. Check his work here.


See Scotland Yet here:

Song of the Campaign

Car Crash Interview of the Year

Go here to vote in the indyref awards

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10 replies

  1. Will someone please print the posters or one showing them all

  2. Hey – gies a mention! Matt Seattle’s beautiful masterpiece sung by the Independence Choir…

    • This case is slightly different from the others.

      An intention behind the song is that it be suitable for many styles of performance. Thus it had the ragged – but righteous! – mass performance at Melrose Yestival, the classical(-ish) performance at Stirling Tollbooth with the McFalls and Lori Watson, the Carlenjig performance at Teviothead, the Gordon Arms recording with Borders musicians and Jackie McGuckian for the Bella download album, the Songs for Scotland performance at Oran Mor with both Lori and Jackie, the achingly beautiful performances of the Independence Choir led by Karen Dietz, and more that I have missed out.

      The song filled my year. It was always a team effort, beginning as a pipe tune called forth by Irene the Jedi. played first by myself and Bill Telfer of Langholm, becoming a song with a lyric jointly authored with David Finnie of Hawick, and then the performances listed above, and the way heavily supported by Yes Scottish Borders, National Collective, all the musicians, singers, videographers, technicians and and and and ….

      And I am deLIGHTed that it has a nomination, though I would prefer it to be for the song and not for an individual performance.

  3. Sent from Samsung Mobile

  4. Jeane so brilliantly clear, politely puts that man in his place. As you very well know, Andrew….the truth will out.

  5. Ohh Jean. How wonderful it is to re-live your dissection of that supercilious, sleekit, embedded London Scot.

    Stephen Paton, I’m full of admiration for the work that you achieved.

    A huge big thank you to all the nominees.

    How on earth did we lose this?

  6. Jean I just watched this and I’m blown away! You were brilliant -plus you maintained your cool; not sure I could have.

  7. “…but we’ve run out of time…”

    Tucks tail between legs, hastily moves on.

  8. Don’t forget Tommy Sheriden’s huge contribution at grass roots level.

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