A Great Day For Scotland


The complete pre-referendum cartoons collection is available here:


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  1. The largest package of powers secured for Scotland since Bannockburn.
    Exactly what have we got to complain about?

  2. ‘Scotland has the 3rd most powerful devolved parliament in the world’, according to Alistair Carmichael. Which translates as more or less a top colony then.

    • But even if we had, so what? It’s not what we were promised, no matter how they dress it up. I really despair to think this pygmy has a role in a clearly anti-SNP government.

    • So he’s downgraded it from Cameron’s “the most powerful devolved parliament in the world”?

  3. I want one of these big shiny SNP badges.

    Where can I get one?

  4. Mark Twain would have been proud. Sorry no he wouldn’t as he would need a translater to find all the get out clauses and loopholes. Remember when your insurance company tells you to read the small print! It means they intend on chucking any claims out. You are covered for everything sir. Its just that we will decide when you can make a claim not you!

  5. Get them from the InverYess shop Hoss, You should know that by now! No doubt I’ll have to send you one. You can have black symbol on Yellow or vice versa

  6. Good to see that Sturgeon has her Strat as well as the Harley. But shouldn’t it be a Precision Bass if she’s going to do the Suzi Quatro thing?

    Captious nerd? Me? Never…

  7. Nail on the head again. Thank you Greg.

  8. Labour should be more worried than the Tories about Scotland, as the Tories have one MP to Labour’s 40. I can see the SNP reducing Labour to an irrelevance in Scotland due to a Londoncentric leadership and a party dominated by champagne socialists like Harriet Harperson who care little about the world beyond London.

  9. Fair cheered me up Greg,absolutely spot on as usual m8
    Many thanks.

  10. If Scotland is the 3rd most powerful devolved Parliament which ones are 1st & 2nd? Or are we not supposed to ask? It would be nice to know the company we are keeping.

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