You Reap What You Vote

The latest mix from the one and only Barrastinian …

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  1. Pedant’s corner:

    Parcel o Rogues beautifully sung. Just a shame the singer is unaware of the subjunctive:

    “Would ere i had seen the day that treason thus could sell us,
    My ain grey heid had lain in clay wi Bruce and loyal Wallace”

    sung as “…has lain in clay…”, which misses the point completely and fails to link the two lines. Otherwise great. Heard Loki so often, I decided to leave it there. I’ll maybe come back to it later, hen m not feeling so unwell.

  2. It’s hard to write on here. Should be “…when I’m not…”

  3. The rogues, as Burns wrote, remain in our midst. They are the self-proclaimed and paradoxically ‘proud Scots’ who willingly forfeit Scotland’s nationhood. Many celebrate Burns suppers yet evidently dinnae get the irony.

  4. Nice One Bella. More tunes! Love to read but it’s music that moves…

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