Jim Murphy, Scottish Labour and the Common Space

Stephen Paton’s #LeftScotland 002 …

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  1. There are two things i don’t like about Murphy, his face.

  2. Gonzalo – isn’t that a kind of cheese? Oh no, that’s Gor gonzalo…….

  3. Good to see you back Stephen. Looking forward to you dissecting the biased media reports, as you do so well.

  4. What a refreshing and very well explained review of Scottish potics in an exciting and engaging format

  5. Stephen you are a legend. Keep up the good work.

  6. It’s Labour in Scotland no such thing as Scottish Labour they were a seperate party led by Jim Sillars who ceased to exist in 1981 Murphy is just the plain old leader of the Labour branch in Scotland who kow tows to Milliband.

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