It’s Not Pink


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  1. I just splattered my keyboard with coffee that i was drinking when i laughed out loud. 🙂

  2. It’s not pink, and it’s not patronising, much. Hehehehe

  3. Look, it’s that wummin aff the telly!

    It seems she disnae want to spik tae me – ach well, they never have up to now.

    (Someone touch up Dim Jim’s lippy, he’s no quite fitting in yet)

  4. Brilliant. It’s only a matter of time until Murphy says he’s not a man!

  5. How do you make magenta? You start off with red and add blue. True colours of labour are oozing out.

  6. I’m loving Murphy’s new “do”!

  7. Think Pink!

    love the pink bunny – she is so cute.

  8. who her? sounds a bit lippy to me.

  9. Think Pink!

    love the pink bunny – she is so cute.

    What will paw say?

  10. “I fell off my pink cloud with a thud” said Elizabeth Taylor when she fell out of love with husband No 1 – who tuned out to be a gambling, drunk, bullying control freak. Hundreds of thousands of Scottish socialist women have ‘fallen off their pink cloud with a thud’, when it comes to Labour. Like Princess Leia marrying Hans Solo only to watch him morph (or ‘murph’) into an expenses swollen, greedy Jabba the Hutt.

  11. Excellent cartoon once again, piss taking is now becoming a fine art and why not !

  12. One of your best Greg! Just brilliant and, like the best satire, oh so true.

  13. Enjoyed the guest appearance by the Pink Panther.

    And that Little Rooster should be Red, of course, but somehow isn’t…

  14. Labour missed a trick, they should have gotten Magenta Devine to drive the bus.

  15. Murphy – Uni school dropout.

  16. Goes with their candyfloss policies.

  17. brill Gregg…..Im starting to get tempted, with labour’s colour schemes, heard there’s a truck getting sprayed Khaki fur the blurks up here…….. Never mind the policies look at the colours. Then the photos of Murphoid + Alexander+ female outside Paisley’s A&E , Earlier in week front page of Herald photo of Murphoid kissing a baby…… what’s not to like ……

  18. im just disappointed that the only thing in pink you missed was Angry Salmond! Best cartoonist at work today, more power to you.

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